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Coffee is one of the drinks with long roots in Vietnam, enjoying a cup of coffee every morning has long become an irresistible habit of the vast majority of Vietnamese people.

In the past few years, the market for instant coffee and impregnated coffee has no longer occupied the highest position in the coffee consumption market in Vietnam. Pure coffee, locally roasted coffee.

Therefore, industrial coffee roasting does not seem too strange, it becomes even more important for coffee processing facilities, or large coffee shops that want to develop their own coffee brands.

Industrial coffee roasters have many capacities to choose from, from 5kg to 60kg, individuals and organizations can choose a machine with a capacity suitable for their needs and operation scale.

Industrial coffee roasters must ensure that electricity is used at the most economical level, gas used for roasting machines is also minimized to reduce costs and increase profits for coffee roasters.

Roasting more coffee in each roasting batch is the biggest advantage when we use an industrial coffee roaster. However, an industrial coffee roaster is called quality when it not only has a large capacity for each roasting batch, but also has to withstand heat when conducting continuous roasting, continuous roasting but still producing quality coffee beans. quality requires a lot of engineering from the unit that designs and manufactures the roaster. Therefore, to choose a high-class roasting machine, suitable for the price, buyers need to consider carefully.

Industrial coffee roasters serve the needs of coffee processing in coffee processing facilities, or even large coffee shop systems also use industrial roasters to professionalize their business processes. themselves, creating quality, better and cleaner coffee for customers.

Industrial roasting machine will include the following basic parts:

- Machine body

- The roasting drum with materials that can withstand high temperatures, low elongation, good heat transfer, is the part that holds the coffee when roasting, the new and most modern industrial coffee roasters will be designed with a wing system the island minimizes coffee scorching, and the drum speed is controlled by an inverter.

- Burner ensures to produce less NO and CO, keeping the coffee flavor, minimizing unwanted odors.

- The fan heater of the roasting drum must withstand temperatures above 300°C

- Cooling hopper and cooling fan are designed to cool the coffee beans in the fastest time to ensure that the beans keep the right flavor as required.

- Control cabinet for coffee roasting machine.

In addition, there are:

- Coffee destoner for industrial roasters have the effect of separating ice, hard objects mixed into the coffee that have not been removed before, the coffee beans after roasting are cleaner to ensure for the coffee grinder not to grind hard objects to damage, reduce the time to use the machine.

- Automatic control system for roasting machine.

Currently, on the domestic market, there are many lines of industrial roasting machines with prices ranging from a few tens to several hundred million. Each brand has its own pros and cons for their coffee roasters, but not every machine produces the highest flavor that the beans themselves have. Therefore, users need to choose wisely for their needs, create their own brand for the production facility.

O Tesla is known for its high-end coffee roaster brand in the top of expensive roasters in Vietnam. To create this brand, O Tesla has constantly improved and differentiated its roasters from mini roasters to industrial roasters.

Advantages of industrial coffee roasters

Owning a coffee roaster saves a lot of costs and improves the quality of coffee produced at the facility while creating a difference and highlight for coffee shops.

Whether it is a roaster, coffee processing facility or a coffee shop, using an industrial roaster brings higher productivity, saves fuel and at the same time saves labor and production costs. help increase business profits.

For cafes, owning a roasting machine helps baristas adjust the level of ripeness of coffee beans, easily making coffee beans suitable for each different drink to create a brand. The coffee is typical for its shop, there is no duplicate like other types of coffee in the market.

Besides, owning a roasting machine in the shop also helps to increase the professionalism and reputation of the shop, especially when the current coffee market has many negative issues in the problem of dirty coffee, impregnated coffee, owning a coffee machine. Active coffee roasting makes customers more confident about the quality of coffee cups, but also makes the space of the shop always fragrant with the smell of ripe coffee beans.

Should coffee shops use industrial coffee roasters?

As mentioned above, coffee shops will have certain benefits when owning a coffee roaster right in their space.

Firstly, the shop can actively create quality coffee beans, colors and flavors according to its purpose.

Second, never be afraid of running out of coffee or problems with suppliers.

Third, the shop can develop its own brand of roasted coffee for customers coming to the shop.

Fourth, the coffee that the shop provides is clean coffee, processed and roasted right in front of customers' eyes, creating prestige and professionalism.

Finally, a roasting machine placed in the shop also creates a highlight in the coffee space, bringing the beauty and aroma of coffee to its own shop. Besides, we can also order the manufacturer to create suitable roaster models to decorate the shop.

With many different capacities, coffee shops can choose for themselves a roasting machine that is suitable in terms of capacity and size, just enough for the space, bringing more benefits to their business. Types of coffee roasting machines can vary greatly in capacity, but the energy consumption is often the same or very little difference, so we can freely choose a roaster with a slightly larger capacity than our needs. roast more.

The industrial coffee roaster has grown beyond the years in recent years, most notably the introduction of the hot air coffee roaster, which delivers a perfect coffee quality, receiving many positive feedbacks. from consumers.

The industrial coffee roaster is truly a step forward in technology to improve the coffee market. Especially in our country, owning these industrial coffee roasters also contributes to eliminating the problem of dirty coffee being sold in the market.

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