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Mode OTL-1.2Kg ( O Tesla roaster 1.2Kg)

  1. Temperature control of linear burner.
  2. Control the air flow, drum speed on the control panel.
  3. Four independent motors- can cool and roast coffee at the same time.
  4. Two sensors measure temperature: grain temperature and hot wind temperature.
  5. Profile control on Artisan software, wireless connection

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  • improved full modulated premix burner with a minimum of NO emissions
  • Electronically adjustable airflow and drum speed on control panel
  • 4 independent motors – simultaneous cooling and roasting of coffee possible
  • Front lid made of Cast Iron
  • Double Wall extended drum capacity with Low Carbon Steel & Cast Iron Drum and special designed mixing paddles for great roasting result
  • High Quality motors, bearings and electric parts from well known brands
  • Repeatable roasting of coffee beans with special designed drum, modulating flame and air flow control
  • roasters are ready to use software such as Artisan or Cropster
  • The connection allows to control the burner, drum and airflow by the software – automatic roasting according to preset recipes
  • 2 thermocouples: Bean temperature and exhaust temperature
  • Emergency Stop and all safety devices according to CE Standards
  • Separate cyclone with user friendly emptying system
  • High Temperature roaster insulation makes it very energy efficient and quiet
  • easy maintenance and cleaning design
Weight 120 kg
Dimensions 1500 × 600 × 1200 cm
Rated AC Power Output

7,600 VA

Maximum AC Power Output

8,350 VA

AC Output Voltage

240 VAC (211-264)

AC Frequency

60 Hz (59.3-60.5)


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