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Model OTL-12Kg ( Machine roaster O Tesla 12Kg)

  1. Temperature control of linear burner.
  2. Control the air flow, drum speed on the control panel.
  3. Four independent motors- can cool and roast coffee at the same time.
  4. Two sensors measure temperature: grain temperature and hot wind temperature.
  5. Profile control on Artisan software, wireless connection

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With a capacity of 10-12kg/batch and a roasting capacity of 30-45kg/hour, it is perfect for medium-sized coffee roasters and large coffee shops. With the advantages of ease of use, fuel economy, the roaster operates continuously and still produces high quality coffee beans.

Standout features:

  • About design: Delicate and neat design, ensuring aesthetic elements in every detail.
  • About quality:

– Roasting drum: designed with 2 layers with air cushion, the wing system is even for the quality of coffee beans not scorched.

– Body: Using extremely strong tempered steel material, with insulation insulation, limiting heat loss to the outside to save fuel.

– Heating system: Electronically controlled linear combustion stove, clean gas, no smoke smell, ensuring grain quality with the best taste.

– Nia and cooling fan: Fast cooling, using cyclone to settle dust, good heat-resistant 304 stainless steel material, will not rust when in contact with hot coffee beans continuously, ensuring food safety with coffee beans finished product.

=> O Tesla roaster always gives customers the most perfect choice with mechanical roasters and automatic roasters. Automatic roasting machine helps you save operating costs and show professionalism to your roaster.

Weight 800 kg
Dimensions 2200 × 800 × 2200 cm
Rated AC Power Output

7,600 VA

Maximum AC Power Output

8,350 VA

AC Output Voltage

240 VAC (211-264)

AC Frequency

60 Hz (59.3-60.5)