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Do you need a coffee destoner?

Every professional coffee roaster owner wants to sell the best quality products. The roasting process is of course very important, however there is another important step that many people overlook. If you want to ensure that the coffee you sell is brewed to perfection, you need to invest in a post-roast ice machine. You may be wondering, “Do I really need this machine?”. Below you can find some useful & interesting information about this machine.

What is a coffee destoner? How does it work?

Coffee destoner machine is a machine that uses simple physical rules to remove ice and other small particles that you might find in a green coffee bean container. The coffee destoner maker uses gravity to find any potential foreign objects such as rocks, twigs, gravel, etc., parts of the coffee plant or even pieces of concrete. Coffee destoner use vacuum air to separate well-roasted coffee beans from other unwanted beans. Lighter roasted coffee beans, such as pieces of wood, ice, or even beans that are not roasted properly, so the coffee destoner can lift the roasted beans and leave no beans behind which coffee. This way, you can avoid unpleasant situations when you find items that shouldn't be in your coffee bag.

Which machine should I choose?

If you want to upgrade your service, you should definitely buy a coffee destoner maker. Coffee beans must have a constant quality such as color… and that is why you should choose a reliable and powerful coffee destoner for your roaster. However, before ordering a new machine, you should think about the amount of coffee you roast daily and weekly. If your coffee roaster is small, you can buy an coffee destoner with a 5kg tank capacity. For commercial use, it is better to purchase an coffee destoner with a barrel volume of 30 - 60kg. Depending on the type of coffee you use, you should adjust the airflow precisely, which you can do thanks to the intelligent inverter that controls the process.

Is it possible to separate all the stones?

Although this is a machine that can take up a bit of space in your coffee roaster, it is well worth the purchase. You can win the trust of your customers, because they will appreciate the quality of the products you sell and you don't have to worry about the ingredients of the coffee being obvious or not. Small objects such as rocks, branches, pieces of concrete or sometimes plastic are very dangerous to the health and even the life of the customer, otherwise it will also endanger your blender. The ice separator can effectively and quickly remove these objects from your coffee beans. Keep in mind that there is a chance that unripe beans can also be mixed with properly roasted and grown beans. Unripe coffee beans can degrade the quality and destroy the flavor of the coffee you expect.
Conclusion: The stage of stone separation for coffee after roasting is an indispensable step in coffee production. You should not ignore it, because otherwise you will not get the best results. Besides, you could be unknowingly endangering your customers' health by selling them coffee that contains potentially dangerous particles. The overall quality of such roasted coffee beans will naturally be lower.

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