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ORIGIN: In 2015, Australian barista and coffee roaster Sasa Cestic won the World Barista Championship with a memorable demonstration of coffee produced using a special fermentation process called is “Carbonic Maceration”. His victory had a huge impact. He inspired countless coffee…

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máy tách đá cà phê sau rang 30kg

Do you need a coffee destoner?

Every professional coffee roaster owner wants to sell the best quality products. The roasting process is of course very important, however there is another important step that many people overlook. If you want to ensure that the coffee you sell is brewed to perfection, you need to invest in a post-roast ice machine. You may be wondering, “Do I really need this machine?”. Below you can find some useful & interesting information about this machine.

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cascara là gì, trà vỏ cà phê, trà cascara, cascara tea


Cascara means “husk”, “husk” or “skin” in Spanish, is the dried skin of the coffee cherries. These pods are harvested after the beans have been removed from the coffee cherries, then they are dried in the sun before being packed and shipped. These dry coffee pods are not the same as tea bags – the main visual difference is that the coffee pods are slightly larger than tea leaves and have a wood grain resembling raisins or the pods of a nut. The neat part of this whole process is that it not only allows the coffee plant to be used in an innovative way, but is also environmentally friendly. Typically, coffee pods are considered a by-product of the brewing process and either discarded as waste or used as compost. Now, these coffee pods are reused to create a unique beverage of its own.

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Cách rang cà phê


Special products for the best customers ever European imported gas mixing burner, best NO emission improvement. Quality motors, bearings and electrical equipment from famous brands Safe emergency stop modes according to CE standards Double layer drum, special material High insulation design,…

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