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3 levels of coffee roasting standard: characteristics and differences

By: Admin | 27/10/2020 12:22

3 levels of coffee roasting standard: characteristics and differences

Everyone has their own taste when drinking coffee. People like espresso, filter coffee or americano, while others like dairy cappuccino, white coffee, macchiato and many more options. All of these drinks have their own characteristics and flavors. And that's a good thing because otherwise we can all drink the same. Fortunately, this is not the case, and many coffee shops offer a wide range of beverages to choose from, as well as a variety of roasted coffee options to choose from.

1. What effect does the roasting degree of the coffee have?

There are many factors other than the type of drink that affect the taste of your favorite drink. One of them is the coffee roasting style used in processing. The type of roast you choose will greatly affect the taste of the drink you will make or buy. In this article we detail 3 main types of coffee roast: Light, medium and dark roast. We explain the differences in how coffee roasting affects the taste of your drink.

2. Light roast level of coffee

light roaster

Let's start with lightly roasted coffee. Naturally, the lighter coffee beans have been roasted in a shorter period of time. Generally, light coffee is stocked into a cooling sieve a few minutes after the first crack appears. One of their characteristics is that the oil remains inside the beans. This is because the coffee has not been roasted long enough for them to be so hot that the oil begins to release itself. Lightly roasted coffee has a high concentration of acid. When you roast coffee for a longer time, it reduces this amount of acid. Because the flavor of the lighter roast coffee grows compared to the darker roast, the flavor can be roasted and seed-like.


High acidity
Delicious, like seeds
The smell of fruit
3. Roast medium coffee

medium roast

After light roasting, followed by medium roast coffee. These beans have been roasted for a longer time. Coffee is put in the sieve to cool just before the second crack. Like lightly roasted coffee, oil remains in the coffee. The fact that it has been roasted a little longer results in a slightly more flavorful protein nut. The acid level has been reduced, resulting in a slightly more balanced flavor.


  • Moderate acidity
  • Sweetened, sweet
  • Balanced flavor

3. Roast dark coffee

dark roast

Finally, we have the dark roast coffee. Again, these beans have been roasted a bit longer than the previous two variants. These beans have been roasted long enough for oil to secrete. This results in shiny dark coffee, while lighter roast has a matte color. All native flavors have been removed due to higher roasting temperature and time. The only flavor remaining is the flavor you created during the roasting process. Since coffee has had time to secrete caramel, dark roasted coffee tends to have a sweet taste. The beans create a rich and full bodied flavor when making espresso. These beans have been roasted for the longest time.


  • Low acidity
  • Bitterness
  • Flavor


These are the 3 basic types of coffee roasting. Of course, each roaster has its own indicator of the degree of roasting. This article provides a basic explanation of the three main levels of roasting and the characteristics and differences of different types of roasting. There are middle stages, but there are also darker roasting stages than standard dark roast. Our advice is to keep experimenting with different types of roast. Only then will you be able to find your own interests or that of your customers. To do this consistently is to use the O Tesla coffee roaster. By controlling the drum speed, pressure, power and temperature, you can take full control of the roasting process and create the perfect curve. These are the basic differences in coffee roasting, contact us immediately when you need a roaster to create your own flavorful coffee mugs in the perfect way. Hotline: 0936 1989 38