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từ năm 2018

About Industrium coWe work for you since 2018

O Tesla with the criterion “quality first” is proud to be a Vietnamese product for Vietnamese people, constantly improving and improving product quality to users.

Currently, on the domestic market, there are many lines of industrial roasting machines with prices ranging from a few tens to several hundred million. Each brand has its own pros and cons for their coffee roasters, but not every machine produces the highest flavor that the beans themselves have. Therefore, users need to choose wisely for their needs, create their own brand for the production facility.

O Tesla is known for its high-end coffee roaster brand in the top of the expensive roasters. To create this brand, O Tesla has constantly strived to improve and differentiate its roasters from mini roasters to industrial roasters, proud to be a Vietnamese brand


The strictest and most rigorous in quality management of coffee roasters, so that each product produced will always create the highest sense of security and satisfaction for customers.

Constantly updating the latest technical technology around the world to find new values for the quality of its coffee roaster products.

Listen and absorb the comments and feedback from customers to be able to create better coffee roasters day by day.

Constantly improving our products, so that they are better, more effective and can develop more outstandingly.

Ready to accompany our customers throughout the entire operation, we not only sell roasting machines but also bring you the best business solutions, a place ready to support when you have problems in business. , is a place that always shares so that we can grow together

About Industrium coResearch and Development

Intelligence that ignites.

The world of coffee roasting generally runs slow. We don’t. Our engineering evolves ahead of the curve, providing greater value to O Tesla roaster users. We lead the industry by consistently offering new features such as our V2 software, plus systems like Roast Architect.

Quality, efficiency, and control will always be our blueprint for your success.